Monday, 6 June 2011

The endless hunt for fulfilment

I'm still hunting harder than I've ever done.
Looking for a job to come,
Looking like I'm the only one*. The endless hunt for fulfilment

*Instead of the 200+ people who seem to be going for my jobs.

Yes, 200+ people applying for the roles I'm applying for. Seems the economy is screwed and the sciences even more so.
I've decided plan B is not working. Time to really think about a return to plan A, or a variant of it. Plan A.2. Maybe someone out there wants to employ a logical/organised person with a passion for acting/singing and writing. Experience as a project manager and as retail manager. Flexible and able to take on most roles (not phone sales or market research).

I've found 2 roles I could do stood on my head and be happy with at the Federation of Scottish Theatre - I can indulge my love of the creative without feeling a fraud for being hyper efficient, organised and logical. Who knows, they may like me. I may get a call back.

Here's looking at you kid ;) Embrace yourself entirely, because you can only find happiness if you do.