Friday, 8 January 2010

Sometimes the need to be creative burns so bright it hurts.

I'm always finding myself in the same dilemma. I love science, yet find being a scientist sometimes unfulfilling. I wonder what would have happened if I'd followed my dreams and stayed on the performing arts course. I wonder what would happen if I had the time I spend trawling through data and used it to write fiction or scripts instead. Could I earn enough to live off from a creative career? Is there any real job security in the sciences? I'm getting to the point where I'm fighting to keep a job I'm good at, but are wondering if being good and loving science is enough.
Recently I've been on one month contracts or a whopper of a 3 month contract. It's ridiculous that after 9 years of study and research I have less security than if I'd jumped at being an extra and commercials actor. If I'd gone down the acting or freelance writing route there is a chance I'd have earned more and still had the same chances of future security.

At present I have 1 book, and 4 papers to write. Instead I want to be writing the 2 scripts I have notes for and working on developing the novel I've had rattling round for years. Right now, the need to be creative is burning so bright it hurts.

Maybe I can use this blog as a way to keep me sane and get some creativity off my chest, at least until the book and papers have been killed.